Call to Arms! - Painting Challenge

06|09|09 - 10th of Quint (Time of Banners)

A few days ago, Dangereux started a painting challenge at the english Rackham boards:

"I have the feeling that Im not the only one who is very passionate about Cadwallon as a city and all the creatures and people high and low who lives there. To express this unequaled love I would like to anounce a Cadwallon month of painting for each and everyone who feels called by the so damned but so glorious city.

There is no price in this, just a tribute to the greatness of it all! :) I would like as many of you to join me in the quest. Paint a Cadwallon mini, round base, square base, diorama base... any way you like it as long it is officially from the Cadwallon range and post pictures of it the first of July in this thread. And if we feel like continuing we will do so.

Who's in?

Many are called but few are choosen. Let the cards guide you and may your brushes be swift and lethal!

/Brother Dangereux, Guild of Usurers"


Some people already answered his call and joined his fight for a more colorful Cadwallon! Have a look for yourself!


Oh, and don't forget: It's just 5 days till The Week of the Kraken!

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