Do you need stats for some enemies? Are your players confused by the mass of distinctive features and their obligations or the usage of abilities? Do you need some clarifications for the character creation? HERE you will find what you need for your gaming sessions of Cadwallon!

The city of Cadwallon is full of adventures and dangers - and in addition, fame and wealth. For these reasons the Free Leaguers look for ventures in the City of thieves. As a Game Master who looks for some good stuff it is at least difficult to find intriguing scenarios. Therefore I would like to present not only my own scenarios here, but also gather others. LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!


If you want to submit one of your own scenarios, just let me KNOW!

The impressing ARTWORK of Rackham earns it to be appreciated. Therefore you can find a few my attempts to honor the pictures of Paul Bonner, Nicolas Fructus, Edouard Guiton and the other Rackham illustrators and to make them usable for fans of Cadwallon: As wallpapers and assemblies which I'll use in future fan publications for Cadwallon.