Hear, Hear, People of Cadwallon!

I will try to collect news about the world of Aarklash and especially the City of Thieves at this section of The Free Leaguer's Guide To Cadwallon. Your comments and/or suggestions are welcome!





This site in 2011

Hi there, and a Happy New Year to all of you!


Don't know if you already recognized it: drop.io is no more. Thus I have to move most of my content to another uploader. Don't worry, it will be finished soon, but as long as it is a still in progress, it is possible that some contents are actually not available. But soon they will be again!


Concering "is no more": Rackham is gone again, now forever, it seems. There are rumors about new licencees, but nothing definitive, so I can't tell you if, and if, when there will be new official stuff for Aarklash in general and Cadwallon in special. At least, FFG and Dust Games published the Cadwallon board game "City Of Thieves", which offers some of the minis that never have seen the light of day while Rackham still made minis and not toys; but it is no Hybrid at all (which some of us had hoped for), although it seems to be not a bad game. If you like to know more about it and the game mechanics, just download the PDF rulebook at FantasyFlightGames.com!


Well, although we don't know what to expect for the "official" Cadwallon in 2011, I'd like to show you what to expect from me.

I am still working on a scenario called "Child's Play" which I hope to finish in the first quarter of 2011. The Bestiary got stuck, I have to confess, but I think it should be done in the first or second quarter of 2011. Maybe I'll offer it in smaller parts and not as a whole.

Finally, I'm still interested in doing a OKKO hack called CadwOKKOn to - you already guess it - allow a cadwe-esque board game more in the spirit of OKKO and Hybrid than "City of Thieves" (again no offense against the game). The first notes and ideas may be found in the Cadwallon board section at dragonpainting.net - if you don't know this place, go check it out, there are lots of nice people!


That's all for now - this site isn't dead and won't die as soon! Hope to see you soon in the Jewel of Lanever!







New stuff from the french Cry Havocs

As many of you know, the last two Cry Havocs (16 and 17) never made it into an english version. It's sad, especially for Cadwallon fans, because there was lots of stuff for the RPG which was unavailable for the english community.

Until now.

Well, kind of. I'll try to put those articles online in english translation (thanks again to Xenon_wulf). It will take a while, but it will show up and finally see the light of day!

The first article is some kind of strategy guide or guideline concerning the peculiarities of the Cadwallon rule system. It is called "Playing Cadwe Style" [pdf, 6.5mb]. Just a few pages, but maybe it helps you to understand some of the ideas behind the rules!

As always: More to come.





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How Influence Struggles work (or at least how I understand them to work)

12|31|09 - 9th of Hepsilose (Time of Whispers)


Hi there! 

It's the end of the year in our world, but Aarklash has only entered its forth season called "Time of Whispers" one week ago. It's the time of intrigues there, preparations for the next spring (and its wars) are made everywhere.

So, I thought it would be a good time to share with you an entry I made at the official Confrontation boards a while ago, concerning the Influence system which is used in Cadwallon to do the intrigues that are a part of this very season. Hope it is a useful bit of information!


Have a happy New Year everybody out there! Will see you all soon! :D



Birger (better known as carthinius)

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life signs (kind of)

Just a few words since I got some comments and guestbook entries worrying if I'm still here.

Yes, I am! :) Don't worry about the silence, I'm in my final exams right now, so there's not much time left for Cadwallon (unfortunately). But this place will still see some new material, since there are folks out there who want to participate, so stay tuned! 

And if you have anything you want to share with the community, please let me know, I would be pleased to host it!


So long,



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Some news

07|03|09 - 2nd of Septobre (Season of Blades)

The first images from a finished miniature by Dangereux can be seen at the english boards: It's a beautifully painted Cadwë Agitator. Hopefully, there's more to come soon!


There are other news, too. Alderac Entertainment has created a page for the upcoming game Arcana which is set in Cadwallon and lets up to 4 players fight for the power in the city. It is scheduled for October 2009. Take a look at the sample cards that are shown at the site - for me, it's definitely a must-have!


The Cadwallon board game seems to be in the works, too, but there is little to nothing known about it. It may be released in 2010, but that's rumour.








Call to Arms! - Painting Challenge

06|09|09 - 10th of Quint (Time of Banners)

A few days ago, Dangereux started a painting challenge at the english Rackham boards:

"I have the feeling that Im not the only one who is very passionate about Cadwallon as a city and all the creatures and people high and low who lives there. To express this unequaled love I would like to anounce a Cadwallon month of painting for each and everyone who feels called by the so damned but so glorious city.

There is no price in this, just a tribute to the greatness of it all! :) I would like as many of you to join me in the quest. Paint a Cadwallon mini, round base, square base, diorama base... any way you like it as long it is officially from the Cadwallon range and post pictures of it the first of July in this thread. And if we feel like continuing we will do so.

Who's in?

Many are called but few are choosen. Let the cards guide you and may your brushes be swift and lethal!

/Brother Dangereux, Guild of Usurers"


Some people already answered his call and joined his fight for a more colorful Cadwallon! Have a look for yourself!


Oh, and don't forget: It's just 5 days till The Week of the Kraken!

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Quick Information: The Free Leaguer's Blog

05|30|09 - 19th of Cadril (Time of Banners)

"The Jewel's Journal" is a blog now!

I'll try to update this section more often in the future! now you can follow my site through RSS (but please don't ask me how, I'm a bloody rookie in most of the things concerning Web 2.0...) and comment my entries - no need for the guest book anymore to tell me what you think (although I'm still happy if anyone want to tell me anything there!).

I've planed to post a few lines here everytime I changed anything at my site. Let's hope there will be many post in the future!

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New Download Section

05|27|09 - 17th of Cadril (Time of Banners)

Since Rackham removed all its Cadwallon related downloads from its website, I created a new download section called "Official Downloads". There I'll upload the official Rackham downloads like scenarios or gaming aids in english and french. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: Added a few more files, some of them aren't located here, but at my drop.io account. For download instuctions have a look at "Official Downloads"!


Feel free to tell me if there are any uplaods you still miss, I'll see if I have them and may upload them.

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Quick Information: Site Reconstruction

01|14|09 - 6th of Odecime (Time of Whispers) - 5th day of the week of freedom

Due to some changes made by Jimdo (the hoster of this website) there were some problems with the downloads and many images at THE FREE LEAGUER'S GUIDE TO CADWALLON. The last few days I did some corrections to reconstruct the original layout. Hopefully all downloads will work now for unlimited time. Please just leave a note for me if there seems something broken, I'll fix it as soon as I can!


But for now, just party on: In Cadwallon, right now the citizens are celebrating the WEEK OF FREEDOM, the festivities for the independence of the Jewel of Lanever!


News from the Labs: Cooperation (& Update)

11|19|08 - 2nd of Quindre (Time of Return)


The folks over there at Cadwallon-online.fr asked me if i'm interested in doing some translations of there contents. Of course I am! They have amazing stuff there and it would be great to have some (or all) of it available in english. (by the way, it works in reverse, too: I'll do a french version of my Threat Level Board soon.)

Let's see what we get done in the next weeks. Xenon_Wulf already offered to do the translation work, now we have to choose the things we want to do first. I'm so excited!

I'm very busy with my exams right now, but I'll do my best to keep this place alive!


Oh, and I updated the THREAT LEVEL BOARD (which was a ThreaD Level Board before, ahem...)


News from the Labs: Bestiary

07|15|08 - 15th of Septobre (Season of Blades)


We are currently working on the BESTIARY and Xenon_Wulf already did a great job translating all the stats and texts. Now it is time to change and rearrange a few things (for example, more profiles for some miniatures to show the variety of possible characters or changing some profiles).

News from Rackham: Cry Havoc Online #90


There is a new extract from the upcoming "Scorpion Army Book" about the Laboratory of Cadwallon!

"The laboratory of Cadwallon is the latest evolution of a secret Syhar organization called "Code Noctis". Its goal, whose first part is almost complete, consists of creating a gene library referencing the genes of all the species living on Aarklash, in order to exploit it to create life forms based on the best stems.
The perfect gene library will also allow the Scorpion to keep traces of the abundant variety of creatures living on Aarklash, making sure the stems survive the Rag´narok."


To read the pdf just click HERE!


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The Voice Of Lanever

Here you will soon find some (more or less) useful information about the City of Thieves. Keep your eyes open for the sign of the Immobilis!

News from Rackham: Cry Havoc Online #81


There will be a new metal for the Ophidians: An Apostate of Darkness (pictures: #1|#2)!


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